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Software tools like MindMup let you easily map complex arguments and make changes to them as you get feedback or rethink the best way to map an argument. Watch the video below to see a demo of how to map this argument: 

You should learn to map arguments, since argument mapping builds critical thinking “muscles,” which is something you should desire. Research shows that practice with argument mapping improves analytical reasoning, persuasive writing, and critical thinking in general. And you should want to build these skills because you’ll be more able to think for yourself about important issues, plus you’ll be be able to express yourself more clearly and persuasively. Besides, argument mapping is really fun!

Once you’re comfortable using the MindMup tool, it’s time to start practicing your mapping skills!

This exercise will present you with four arguments of increasing complexity. In each case, you should start by trying to map the argument on your own using MindMup. After you have completed your first draft, you can check how well your argument compares to our solution, make any revisions you think are necessary, and reflect on the process of creating a complex argument.

You should expect that this will be more challenging and take longer than previous exercises because we are now bringing together all the concepts and skills you’ve been learning throughout this course. Be patient with yourself; mapping is hard!