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MindMup is a free, open-source software tool that we recommend using to map arguments. Watch this video to learn how to get started using MindMup.

You can also find these same instructions for setting up MindMup on your computer and using it to map arguments in this MindMup Tutorial Document

  • Integrate MindMup with your Google Drive account by following the instructions here. (NOTE: you may need to contact your domain administrator if you’re using a Google account through your school/district to get permission to install MindMup – but FIRST try installing manually following the instructions in the link above.)
  • Set up your Google Drive to automatically open MindMup files with double-click. Otherwise, when someone shares an argument map with you, you may not be able to open it. Go to your Drive settings (cog in upper-right corner), choose “Manage Apps” on the left, find “MindMup 2.0” and select “Use by default.” (If you’re stuck, just follow the 30-second video tutorial here.)

There are two ways to create a new argument map:

  1. From within Google Drive: New > More > “MindMup 2.0 for Google Drive” (then click “View > Start Argument Visualization” once you open the new canvas), OR
  2. Click the “Create a New Map” button on (be sure to save it somewhere you can find it later)

Please contact us with any questions or technical difficulties!