Argument Mapping: Digital Teaching Resources


ThinkerAnalytix is making our free digital resources even easier for instructors to use, while we all navigate the shift to distance learning.

How We Argue is a free online course, designed by Harvard philosophers, to help your students improve their critical thinking skills.

Students can take the course at their own pace in small segments of 10-15 minutes; the whole course takes about 3-5 hours to complete.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • Use relevant evidence and valid reasoning to support a claim
  • Read more consciously and carefully
  • Discuss controversial issues with precision and care

You should think of this course as a logic boot camp because it is full of practice exercises that will help your students build critical thinking “muscles.” More specifically, we will introduce argument mapping, which is a research-backed method of visualizing how reasons work together to support a claim. When students practice mapping arguments, their thinking gets sharper. We call this “X-Ray vision” because students will learn to see through other people’s arguments to expose underlying assumptions and faulty reasoning.

NEW! Check out our argument maps and discussion questions about COVID-19 topics:


Steps to Get Started

1. Create a Teacher Account

On the top right of our main course page, click “Login/Register,” click “Register,” on the righthand side, and select “Teacher” under Type.

2. Add a Class

Once you register, you’ll see an option to “Add Class” on the menu bar when logged in. You can use this page to create a virtual class for each of your groups. 

3. Add Students

You’ll also see a “Manage Class” button on the top menu that allows you to add students and see their progress through the course.

More Resources

We have resources on how to teach every lesson in our course, including recorded lectures tailored to teachers, as well as slides, worksheets, Kahoots, etc. that you can use in your digital classes.