ThinkerAnalytix and the Harvard Department of Philosophy are pleased to offer:

HOW WE ARGUE: December 2019

A one-day workshop for teachers and debate coaches

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

― George Bernard Shaw


How do we argue today? Often, people voice positions based on unsubstantiated facts, intimidation and appeals to emotion. Many of us leave discussions feeling entrenched and frustrated, or avoid them altogether. We see and feel the problems with communication – but how can we solve them? Since 2014, ThinkerAnalytix and the Harvard Department of Philosophy have researched and developed a curriculum to improve argument analysis and reasoning skills in reading, writing, and discussion.  

The Program

In this workshop, we introduce argument mapping, a powerful tool for engaging the most controversial issues. We will teach you to expose the hidden structure of arguments to reveal unstated premises and weak support relationships.

Much like practicing scales for piano or jump-shots for basketball, learning to map arguments makes students more precise, confident thinkers across disciplines. Research from top universities shows that argument mapping improves students’ writing and analytical reasoning abilities.

Participants will leave this workshop with classroom activities, lesson plans, assessments, and other resources to improve the rigor and precision of students’ writing and to make class discussions more focused and constructive.


When: December 6, 9am-3pm (including a break for lunch)

Location: Harvard University

Tuition: $100 (Financial aid waivers available – email Nate, [email protected])

Professional Development Points: 5 hours

Registration Deadline: December 1

Questions? Contact Nate Otey, [email protected]


How We Argue 12/6