ThinkerAnalytix and the Harvard Department of Philosophy are pleased to offer:

HOW WE ARGUE: Summer Institute 2020

A remote summer learning experience for educators (July 27-29, 2020)

“We urgently need something like this right now.”

― Professor Ned Hall, Chair of the Harvard Department of Philosophy


How do people argue today? Often, students voice claims based on unsubstantiated facts, appeals to emotion, and faulty logic. When writing essays, students struggle to support their claims with relevant evidence and valid reasoning. As a result, many teachers feel frustrated with class discussions and essay assignments – or avoid them altogether.

What is the solution? Since 2014, ThinkerAnalytix and the Harvard Department of Philosophy have researched and developed a digital curriculum to improve argument analysis and reasoning skills in reading, writing, and discussion.  

The Program

In this digital workshop experience, we introduce argument mapping, a powerful tool for helping students discuss controversial issues with precision and care. Through small group activities and asynchronous practice assignments, we will teach you to expose the hidden structure of arguments to reveal unstated assumptions and faulty reasoning.

When students learn to map arguments, they become more precise, confident thinkers. Research from top universities shows that practice with argument mapping improves students’ writing and critical thinking skills.

Participants will graduate with a toolkit of classroom activities, lesson plans, assessments, and other resources to improve the rigor and precision of students’ writing and to make class discussions more focused and constructive.


When: July 27-29 (including small group activities on Zoom, and independent work at your own pace)

Where: Online

Tuition: $300 (Financial aid waivers available – email Nate, [email protected]) NOTE, you can register now and pay later!

Professional Development Points: 15 hours

Registration Deadline: July 15

Questions? Contact Nate Otey, [email protected]

Mail Tuition Checks to:

PO Box 381129
125 Mt Auburn St Ste 1
Cambridge, MA 02238

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How We Argue Summer 2020