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Welcome to How We Argue!

In this course we introduce argument mapping: a simple, powerful tool that improves logic and reasoning skills. By learning to map arguments, your students will:

  • Use reasoning and evidence to support their claims
  • Read more carefully
  • Discuss controversial issues with nuance, precision, and humor.

We will teach you to expose the hidden structure of arguments to reveal unstated assumptions and poor reasoning.

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s a quick argument for why you should take this course:

(Here’s a link to the argument map in the video above)

Teachers will graduate this course with tools to help students write logically rigorous essays and discuss current issues.

In addition to lecture videos and practice exercises, we offer many resources to help you incorporate mapping into your classroom: out-of-the-box assessments, lesson plans, slides, puzzle games and more.

Enjoy the course!

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