First, read this argument:

The United States should build a southern border wall, for several reasons. For one thing, it’s totally unfair that it is extremely difficult for immigrants and refugees from overseas countries to get into the US, whereas immigrants who are able to cross through the southern border from Mexico can get in relatively easily. So when you think about it, our current immigration policy actually discriminates against people who happen to live too far away. A border wall would help correct this unfairness. A border wall will also help to protect our national security interests because it will curb the amount of undocumented immigration across the border, which leaves the United States vulnerable to security threats. It is currently possible for malicious individuals to cross the southern border with weapons of mass destruction, since they do not get screened. Finally, there is a lot of solid international and historical precedent for the US to build a border wall, as fully one-third of the world’s countries have now completed or are completing a border wall.

Now, try the following interactive mapping exercise to help Nate map this argument step-by-step. (These steps include: identify the main claim of the argument, discern the broad outlines of the argument structure, use indicator words to separate claims, “clean up” claims by removing indicator words and specifying pronouns, arrange premises in the correct argument structure type.) 

Here’s a link to the completed argument map.


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